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Parkville Financial Group was established in 2011. The group of companies includes Parkville Financial Limited, China Alliance Financial Group Limited, China Four Financial Group Limited, Pennyville International Group (Holdings) Limited and Parkville Consultancy Limited. The Principal of our expertise team provides commercial lending, loan management and business consultancy services.

Parkville Financial Limited and China Alliance Financial Group Limited conduct business activities mainly in Hong Kong, focusing on the development of high-quality of estate lending projects in Hong Kong.


China Four Financial Group Limited has concentrated on the China market with its focus mainly on high-quality commercial properties (including commercial buildings and shopping malls). China Four also provides corporate lending and investment project.

Pennyville International Group (Holdings) Limited has strategic partnership with one of the leading US global asset management firms, with its main focus on real estate market of the Asia-Pacific region, the development of high-quality land and potential buildings projects, acquisition and restructuring of distressed assets.

In addition, we have also formed strategic partnership with financial institutions in the Shanxi Province, China in the development of corporate finance and loan management business, by cooperation with banks in the acquisition of distressed assets to reform and restructure the assets in concern.

Parkville Consultancy Limited is a company which provides professional financial consultancy services such as business management, risk management, enterprise management and business product of development.

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.
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